Welcome to The Cat Practice, a feline veterinary hospital that specializes in cat-only boarding in New York City! With over forty years serving Manhattan's cat community, we are pleased to welcome your beloved felines to stay at our exceptional facility, open seven days a week. If your cats need to be with us for a couple days or a couple months, we are happy to care for them! At The Cat Practice, we can't guarantee that your cat will hit it off with all the other cat boarders, but they won't have to deal with any barking dogs, so let's face it - that is a big plus for their stress level while you are away! And what is better than having a veterinarian on call for your cat during their stay with us?



No gerbils, crows, lizards or wombats.


All of our boarders get special attention. Some boarders prefer grooming sessions within the confines of their kitty condos. Some appreciate a little catnap for the stress of being away from home. Some bold adventurous cats enjoy roaming the cat’s only boarding area while making new feline friends. Obviously, we have to tailor social activities to your cat's personality.


During the first day or so, many cat boarders prefer to hide in their condos and observe their surroundings until they feel more relaxed. Some just give us that Greta Garbo look that says ... 'I vant to be alone'.


We do show videos of birds, and insects periodically during the day so that even the recalcitrant cat boarders can have stimulation despite their agoraphobia. One of our frequent boarders - Jeffery - likes to organize cat races with the other roaming boarders because he always wins.


Whether your cat is shy or outgoing our staff will make sure that your feline has as much of a stress free experience as possible.


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